Traveling With Rifles Or Bows

Bow Hunters

Bow Hunters do not require a temporary import permit for their bow/s into South Africa.

Hiring a Rifle?

If you are bringing your own rifle then ignore the below information, BUT be sure to notify Bushman’s Quiver prior to your arrival on safari. Be sure to notify bushman quiver safari before your arrival.

 Those hunters travelling to South Africa without their personal rifle/s, wishing to hire a rifle from Bushman’s Quiver safaris, are well to do so. We have a wide selection of rifles available for hire, all fitted with known and proven brands of telescopes.

Rifles can be hired @ $50 / per traditional rifle / per day . Ammo will be charged at cost.

Hunters Travelling With Rifle/s To South Africa

South Africa requires a temporary import/export permit for firearms and ammunition when travelling to South Africa. Firearm Import/Export permits can be issued at both our international ports of entry, Johannesburg and Cape Town International Airports, or applied for before your arrival in South Africa.

Rules & Regulations for the import/export/transit of Firearm/s to/from South Africa

  • You may temporarily import a maximum of four firearms per hunter, but not more than one of the same calibre.
  • ONLY FlySafair and SA Airlink allow the transportation of firearms domestically within South Africa. Ensure your domestic flight/s you are booked on indicating it is a FlySafair/SA Airlink flight AND NOT a SHARED CARRIER flight. The shared carrier will not honour or permit the carry of firearms. Even if your flight indicates it’s a FlySafair/SA Airlink flight, double-check it is not a shared carrier flight. please note there will be an extra baggage charge for both rifle case and ammunition case. ammunition case to not exceed 5kg/11lbs.
  • Rifles and shotguns will not be accepted as Checked Baggage, unless approved no less than three (3) working days prior to departure through Airlink Reservations Control Tel +27 11 451 7350/ Your Travel Agent. Rifles must be unloaded with the safety catch on, and suitably packed and accompanied by all documents legally required by the countries of departure, destination and any stopovers.
  • You may only bring ammunition applicable to the firearms that you will be carrying.
  • No person under the age of 21 may bring firearm/s into South Africa or apply for a temporary import permit in his / her name.
  • The barrel, frame or action is to be marked with the same serial number.
  • Semi-automatic shotguns for bird hunting or a custom-made handgun/s can be bought into South Africa for hunting purposes only.
  • No self-protection firearm/s is allowed.
  • If in transit, permits are required by any passenger spending the night in South Africa while in transit to a third country. The same pre-requisites apply to obtaining the standard temporary import permit.

We highly recommend hunter permits Africa or Afton.